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Commercial Bird Control

Integrated Bird Management in Las Vegas

Serving Las Vegas - Henderson Nevada Metro

In their natural habitat, birds are often viewed as majestic. However, when they are flocking around your commercial property, they quickly lose some of their magic. These winged creatures turn into pests that leave behind a displeasing mess of feathers and droppings on your grounds, increasing your maintenance costs. Not only can they negatively impact your physical building, but also your brand image and reputation.

Birds can transmit over 60 diseases and compromise air quality, causing serious health and safety concerns. Nevada’s consistently favorable weather makes these warm-blooded animals a problem year-round. But constantly spending money on repairs and cleaning efforts rarely solves the problem. Exclusion tactics alone only relocate the problem, and the costs can be astonishing. Rentokil's Integrated Bird Management program can solve your nuisance bird problems through an innovative and comprehensive approach of trapping, removal, and targeted exclusion techniques in critical areas.

Business Implications of Birds

The presence of birds can create dangerous conditions for your employees, patrons, and guests. They can lower air quality, damage equipment, contaminate products, and create a mess that is difficult to clean up. In some cases, the mere sight of birds can be cause for audit failure or inspection, often leading to shutdowns and lost revenue.

The following property features are some of the places birds are likely to congregate, nest, and roost:

  • Building exteriors
  • Sign lettering
  • Open parking lots with light posts
  • Unsecured dumpsters
  • Flat roof areas
  • HVAC units

These areas may require extra attention when it comes to bird exclusion. Be sure to monitor them regularly for increased bird activity.

Your Local Pest Control Experts.


Your Local Bird Control Experts

Rentokil understands the threat that pest birds can pose for your business and customers. We are experts in bird control and will use the appropriate solutions for your facility. Our program addresses only pest birds through a completely humane and safe process that protects people in and around the buildings where service is being performed, as well as non-target bird species and other animals. If birds are threatening your brand reputation, contact Rentokil today.

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Commercial Bird Control in Las Vegas NV

Serving Las Vegas - Henderson Metro Area



Commercial Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Control in Las Vegas & Henderson

Serving Las Vegas - Henderson Nevada Metro

Bed bugs have always been a massive cause for concern for American businesses. The sighting of bed bugs in your business can severely damage the good reputation you have upheld for years. A bed bug infestation can multiply and lead to a loss of revenue and possibly even lawsuits. We understand the physical and psychological effects bed bug bites can have on your guests, causing them to spread their alarm to others. From chemical-free heat treatments to our canine bed bug inspections, Rentokil provides cutting-edge treatments that will not only remove a bed bug infestation but will also prevent them from terrorizing your business again.

Rentokil's bed bug Protect+ system

Our PROTECT+ System is an integrated approach to bed bug control that allows for a rapid response and resolution to your issues in hours, rather than days. Contrary to traditional programs, this is a smarter, more efficient way to protect your patrons, staff and reputation, reduce disruption to your business, prevent revenue loss, and get peace of mind.

  • Protect+ Essential is our rapid response, one-time service option providing treatment to rooms with bed bug activity. It offers a 4-hour post-treatment turnaround time and a 30-day warranty. *This warranty is not available in healthcare facilities.

  • Protect+ Extended offers all of the benefits of our Protect+ Essential package with the option to add activated boxspring liners which provide ongoing protection, killing bed bugs on contact for up to two years. You also get an extended 90-day warranty. *Healthcare facilities are covered under a 60-day warranty.

  • Protect+ Premium is considered our “best” level of protection. You receive all the benefits that come with the Protect+ Essential and Extended packages, as well as a canine inspection to identify all units with activity, an initial preventative precision treatment to units without activity, and extended warranty options. *This tier is not available in healthcare facilities.

Rentokil’s Bed Bug Control Process

  • Inspection – Rentokil’s bed bug treatment programs always begin with an inspection of the property. Our technicians can easily differentiate bed bugs from similar-looking pests like fleas or stink bugs. 
  • Treatment – After the inspection, your technician will walk you through our bed bug treatment options and help you choose the right solution for your needs. Specific treatment options are proposed depending on multiple factors, including the type of property, size of the infestation, and customer preferences. Once a treatment is selected, it will be carried out by a licensed professional on an agreed-upon date.  
  • Follow-up – After the initial treatment is applied, your Rentokil Pest Control Technician will stay in contact with you and schedule a follow-up inspection to determine if additional treatments are needed.

Your Local Pest Control Experts.


Bed Bug Treatment Options

Bed bugs are highly elusive insects, allowing them to go undetected for an extended period of time. Once you do detect an infestation, these parasitic insects are extremely difficult to remove through using DIY solutions. Partnering with an experienced pest control company to provide bed bug control services is always the most effective option. Our team of experts has designed a diverse portfolio of bed bug solutions for commercial spaces.

  • Conventional treatments – Our conventional treatment is the most common solution for the elimination of bed bugs. Our state-licensed technicians apply formulations to the infested areas to ensure all potential bed bug hiding spaces receive treatment.
  • Heat treatments – This is a one-day treatment that uses minimal pesticides, providing customers with a quick and environmentally-friendly solution. Using portable heaters, infested spaces are gradually heated to 120ºF, killing bed bugs at all life stages.
  • Bed bug dogs – Your technician may recommend a canine bed bug inspection. Dogs have the innate ability to detect odors that are completely unnoticeable to humans, including that of bed bugs.
  • Steam treatments – Similar to heat treatments, steam can be used to kill bed bugs by subjecting them to high temperatures. A great alternative to using pesticides, steaming also has the benefit of reaching deeper recesses of a space.

How To Prevent Bed Bugs

To keep bed bugs out of your business, encourage your hotel staff to follow these tips:

  • Search first – Perform a scan of the room before cleaning. Examine bed bug hotspots such as inside headboards, furniture, and underneath bedding.
  • Speak up – If you notice something suspicious – notify management immediately for a second opinion. Professional pest control may need to step in.
  • Keep belongings separate – Keep your personal items in an area separate from cleaning and laundering spaces to prevent them from picking up bed bugs or bringing bed bugs from home to the hotel.
  • Distinguish dirty from clean – Make sure to always keep dirty linens in their own container and away from clean linens. Always keep laundry carts in the hallways when cleaning a room.

To learn more about our bed bug prevention services, contact us today.

Bed Bug Control For Your Business

A bed bug infestation can have serious consequences for a commercial business, from the customer experience to the bottom line.

Potential risks bed bugs pose for businesses, include:

  • Customer complaints
  • Reputation and brand damage
  • Loss of revenue
  • Possible legal proceedings


Rentokil will give you peace of mind that your facility is entirely free of bed bugs. We use the most trusted and proactive methods, including heat treatments, that will eliminate bed bugs at all lifecycle stages. Our treatments usually take effect in as little as 24 hours.

If you think your business may have a bed bug infestation, we advise you to quickly contact your local Rentokil – Las Vegas office to set up an inspection.

Our Family Serving Yours for Over 100 Years

Commercial Bed Bug Control in Las Vegas NV

Serving Las Vegas - Henderson Metro Area



Introducing PestConnect: Pest control redesigned

Remote, digital rodent monitoring devices, designed to provide 24/7 protection for your business.

Rentokil is here to help you Work Pest-Free

No matter your business, the threat of unwanted pests always exists. These infestations can cause damage to your building, electrical equipment and any products stored in them, and at the same time, spread many kinds of diseases. Rentokil offers complete commercial pest solutions with termite control, bird control, vegetation management, and bioremediation.

Your customers and employees deserve the best. That’s why we’re here to help you work pest-free.

Pest prevention expertise. Industry-specific experience.

Every industry and business faces its own special challenges in dealing with pests. Solving pest issues requires a deep understanding of those unique needs. Rentokil has put 100 plus years into researching and developing specialized protocols to address specific industry concerns. We take the time to understand your business and your operations. Then we translate that information into a comprehensive managed solution, taking ownership of the design, development, implementation, and ongoing management of your pest prevention program so you can focus on your business and work pest-free.

Bed bug problems?

For businesses, bed bugs can cripple an establishment’s reputation and result in a downturn in revenue.

Commercial Pest Control Services

As the world’s largest commercial pest control company, Rentokil boasts the best of all worlds with our innovative technology, local knowledge, and proven track record. We provide comprehensive commercial pest control solutions for both single- and multi-site businesses across the state of Nevada. From manufacturing facilities and restaurants to warehouses and office buildings, we have the experience and knowledge to protect your facility and your customers so they can work pest-free.

Even a small pest problem can have large consequences on your brand reputation and bottom line. Every industry has unique pest challenges, which is why Rentokil works with you to create a tailored, expert solution that prevents pest problems from occurring.

The best work environment is one without worrisome or harmful pests.

Our Family Serving Yours for Over 100 Years

Commercial Pest Control in Las Vegas NV

Serving Las Vegas - Henderson Metro Area