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Pest Management for Offices and Commercial Properties

The commercial real estate market continues to expand and more than ever, businesses are on the hunt for modern, technology-powered spaces that can host their operations. Whether you’re operating office buildings or mixed-use spaces, the competition to draw in and retain these tenants is increasing at a rapid rate.

A cockroach or ant issue can negatively affect your tenant’s experience and prevent new tenants from leasing space. If gone untreated, pest problems can quickly turn into an infestation and spread from room to room or office to office.

From offices to co-working spaces and multi-use spaces, Rentokil’s integrated pest management solutions can tackle even the toughest pest issues with the sensitivity required in modern commercial properties. Our highly-trained local pest control experts take time to educate you on your property’s unique needs and pressures so that they can create a solution that not only eradicates pests from your business but ensures they do not return.

Consequences of Pest Problems in Commercial Properties and Office Environments

Pests such as bed bugs, rodents, stinging insects, termites, and even birds can quickly disrupt a healthy work environment. Of course, they are irritating for employees, but more importantly, many pests also spread diseases that can make people sick, exacerbate allergies, and create serious contamination concerns. Although the risk is small, bites and stings can trigger dangerous allergic reactions. The mess from certain pests can also cause damage to equipment and structures.

Most Common Commercial Property and Office Pests

There are a variety of pests that are problematic for office environments, but here are a few common invaders:

Cockroaches – Cockroaches are drawn to spaces where there is an abundance of food and moisture, including employee break areas, bathrooms, and desks where snacks are stored. Rentokil’s general pest management programs can resolve your cockroach issues and equip you with the knowledge to help prevent future problems.

Mice and rats – Mice are common pests for offices since they are drawn to spaces inhabited by humans. Although rats are not as common, their presence can be a huge irritant to tenants. In addition to feeding on food and crumbs, rodents can gnaw on electrical wires and cabling, taking down power and critical networking equipment and creating fire hazards. Both rodents are capable of spreading bacteria and other pathogens through contact and the droppings they leave behind.

Ants – Ants are a frequent problem in offices, as they are attracted to food, water, and even electrical conduits. Ant problems differ in magnitude and solving them requires correct identification of the ant species. Rentokil’s Technicians have customized services to handle specific species and put a stop to your ant issues.

Termites -These notoriously destructive yet quiet pests can destroy your property for years before you’re even aware there is a problem. Our experts will monitor and bait for termites using advanced technology. They can also recommend other solutions for active problems to help you protect your business.

Stinging pests – Many commercial properties are now becoming full-on communities complete with 24/7 amenities. With this shift, outdoor areas now require just as much maintenance as indoor areas. Stinging pests can pose a risk to anyone on your property. To tackle dangerous pests like these, your Rentokil team will put together a customized plan of attack.

Bed bugs – As the number of bed bug cases across North America grows, offices are now seeing more visits from these biting pests. Offices may not experience full-blown infestations, but bed bugs can be brought in unknowingly by employees or guests, causing distress to workers. Rentokil can quickly and discreetly address these types of problems.

Birds – Bird excrement is corrosive and can wear down stone and metal on structures. Feathers and droppings from birds can also clog HVAC units, lowering air quality. Additionally, bird issues can create tension between neighboring properties. Our bird control team can safely and humanely address bird issues with pigeons, sparrows, and other pest bird species.

Value-Added Services for Your Commercial Office Property

Property managers are continually struggling to streamline their vendor management. This is why Rentokil also has specialized lines of business that can provide value-added service to your property.

  • Vegetation management – Clean up the outer appearance of your facility by eliminating unwanted vegetation and the risks associated with it with Rentokil’s Vegetation Management Services.
  • Bioremediation – Keep drains free-flowing, reduce odors, and eliminate potential pest issues with our Drain Line and Bioremediation services.

Expert Pest Management Specialists

Rentokil’s pest control technicians are held to the highest standards in the pest control industry. When visiting your office space, you can have peace of mind that you have a local pest management expert working in your business. All of our Technicians go through intensive training and are state-licensed to perform pest control services for offices. In addition, each specialist is required to pass the National Pest Management Association’s GreenPro and QualityPro exams.

National Pest Control Coverage for Multiple Properties

Do you manage multiple properties? With several Nevada locations, we can provide consistent, reliable integrated pest management solutions for businesses all over the state of Florida. Our key accounts team is assigned to manage large commercial property accounts, giving you one point of contact for service, billing, and more. Contact us today to get started.
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