Emperor Scorpion


Color: Black
 Oval; long tail
8 inches

Emperor Scorpion Habits

Emperor scorpions are often found near Las Vegas, most commonly in forested areas. They are a communal species that live in large numbers, so finding emperor scorpions can be jarring since there are usually more than one. They tend to blend in to the forest debris since they are a shiny black color. They are one of the bigger species of scorpions, weighing in at 30 grams, but typically aren’t the most dangerous. Emperor scorpions eat insects, and are even known to live in termite mounds so they can feast on termites.

Threats Posed by Emperor Scorpions

Emperor scorpions mostly cause a threat because of their sting. Scorpions will sting if they feel threatened, but they do not often inject venom when they do sting. It’s important to be aware of them when out in forested areas, because they will often blend in amongst leaves and other debris. While you many not see them around your home, it’s important to still be aware of them in their natural habitat.

Emperor Scorpion Prevention

The most effective way to prevent emperor scorpions from making their way on your property is to rid your yard of the things that attract them. If these scorpions have a place to live and a food source, they will likely stick around. Keeping a clean yard free of debris and leaves is key, since these scorpions tend to hide themselves there. Emperor scorpions predominantly eat insects, so having a well kept yard will also deter insects which can keep scorpions at bay.

Emperor Scorpion Control

If you are still seeing emperor scorpions on your property, call your local pest control company to assist in getting rid of them. Your Rentokil Technician will determine the best elimination method and provide suggestions to help keep them away in the future.



While the emperor scorpion is typically seen as an exotic pet, it is possible to encounter them in the wild. They are pretty large relative to other species of scorpions, and can look intimidating. However, it is important to know that they won’t sting unless they’re provoked.