Preventing Mosquitoes in your Las Vegas yard by Rentokil Pest Control

If you live in Las Vegas Nevada, where the weather is warm year-round, mosquitoes are present day and night. During the day you might want to stay indoors in the air conditioning, however, at night, the weather is perfect for bbq’s and sitting outside on the patio or in the yard with friends, family, and neighbors. And unless your backyard is screened in, you’ll need some serious mosquito protection!

What Doesn’t Work for Mosquito Prevention

  • Most bug sprays may keep mosquitoes at arms-length for a while, but the odor and greasy residue can be an issue for some people.
  • Citronella candles can only work in a limited radius, and some people dislike the smell and the mess.
  • Mass-spraying chemicals throughout your entire backyard may work in the short term–until it rains again! Depending on the ingredients, the dangers of pesticides can outweigh the benefits.

Thankfully, there are more effective solutions to address mosquitoes than bug spray or ineffective candles.

Getting Rid of Mosquitoes

If you’re tired of swatting away at mosquitoes, follow these tips to control mosquitoes in your yard.

  • Get Rid of Standing Water: Mosquitoes breed in water, so you’ll want to inspect your yard and eliminate all mosquito breeding grounds. By eliminating standing water sources, you’ll be on your way to a mosquito-free yard.
    • Remove planters, buckets, bowls, or basins containing standing water in your yard. When it rains, these collect water and become very attractive to mosquitoes.
    • Toss any old tires, tarps, or other water-collecting materials.
    • If you have standing water features such as a pond, pool, or birdbath, consider bacterial solutions. For example, bacillus thuringiensis israelensis is a bacteria that’s totally harmless to humans and other animals, but attacks and kills mosquito larvae.
  • Plant Natural Mosquito Repellents: Consider planting decorative shrubs that also act as mosquito repellents.
    • Mosquitoes dislike rosemary, citronella, and marigolds. All of these plants are beautiful and act as natural mosquito repellents. Plant them in damp areas in your yard and/or near your picnic table or patio area.
  • Get the Air Moving: Mosquitoes have a serious aversion to wind and breezes. They are attracted to areas with stagnant air, so adding your own breeze will go a long way to keeping them away.
    • If you have a covered patio, consider installing a ceiling fan. This will not only keep you and your guests cool, but it will physically repel mosquitoes.
    • Use an outdoor standing fan to move air around an outside table.

Get Rid of Mosquitoes for Good in Las Vegas

If you utilize a combination of the above suggestions, your mosquito issues will lessen, however, some mosquitoes seem to be more resilient than others. If you can’t seem to get rid of them with any or all of these methods, talk to a lawn and garden expert about safe treatment or solutions you can apply to your yard to kill and repel mosquitoes. Rentokil will work with you to make sure your needs and problems are addressed, and we won’t stop working until your backyard is fully controlled. Call Rentokil today for a free estimate!

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Preventing Mosquitoes in Your Yard in Las Vegas NV

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