How to Tell if There is a Mouse in Your House

You might be thinking mice and rats are not really a problem in the summertime but unfortunately they are a year round pest problem here in Las Vegas and Henderson and will not let up even when the temperatures are soaring.

Rodents are sneaky critters and often only come out at night when the house is at rest. Once they make their way inside and establish nests, you will start to see activity or at least signs of mice (or possibly rats). If you’re worried about a possible rodent problem in your home, check out a few of the more common signs of an infestation from our professionals at Western Exterminator.

  1. Droppings – Perhaps one of the easiest to recognize signs of a rodent problem in the home is finding their droppings around the home. Rodents often leave their droppings in cupboards or around walls in homes and garages.
  1. Rodent nests – Mice and rats will find debris from around the home to create a cozy nest for themselves in areas that are near food and water but safe from predators. Paper, twigs, grass, stuffing, and fabrics are all common nest materials as they are soft and warm.
  1. Chewed up food packages and containers – Hopefully you are storing your food in containers with lids to prevent rodents and other pests from getting inside. But even so, mice and rats are likely to attempt to access the food so you may find containers or original packaging with chew marks. This is a clear indication that you have an unwanted houseguest (or several) and that your snacks are in jeopardy.
  1. Gnawing marks on structures – For rodents to keep their teeth short they must gnaw on harder surfaces such as wood and other structures of the home. Their gnawing on electrical wiring has been blamed for many house fires making them a serious risk.
  1. Food debris – Rodents are not the cleanest guests. They may excel at staying out of sight but they are likely to leave behind piles of debris from feeding.
  1. Hearing noises at night – As mentioned, mice and rats are most active at night. If you are lying in bed and hearing the pitter patter of little feet overhead or hear noises coming from your walls then you have a problem.

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We’re ready to discuss your rodent issue and explain how our technicians are able to safely and effectively get rid of rodents in your home.