Where to Look for Bed Bugs in Your Home

The first step toward solving a problem is knowing you have one! Bed bugs aren’t lingering only around mattresses and under pillows, however–they can be found in a lot of different places!

Here are some common areas bed bugs can be found within a home:

  • Headboards
  • Mattress piping
  • Furniture
  • Pet beds and kennels
  • Baseboards
  • Electrical outlets
  • Windowsills

Some of these may surprise you. You might not think about bed bugs hanging around your windows, but the truth is this: bed bugs will hide anywhere, if it gives them access to blood: pet or human. This is why bed bug infestations can be so difficult to get rid of, and why it can take a team of experts to properly rid your home of these invasive pests.

Bed Bug Bites Aren’t Always Accurate

Although you might think bed bug bites would be the best indication of a bed bug problem: they aren’t! Unless you’re an expert in entomology–and even if you are!–bug bites can’t typically be identified by sight alone. There are a few common culprits of bite-like welts on the skin.

If you have a physical reaction that looks like bites over a large area, please see a doctor! A physician can help you determine whether it’s an allergic reaction to a bug bite or another environmental factor.

Check for These Signs of Bed Bugs

So you know where to look–but do you know what to look for? Bed bugs may be tiny, but they will leave visible indications! To see if these pests have been active overnight, check your mattress in the morning for these signs:

  • Reddish or rusty smears and stains. This occurs when bed bugs are squished.
  • Pale yellow eggshells or eggs. They are very tiny, but they can be seen with the naked eye.
  • Tiny dark spots in clumps. This is bed bug excrement.
  • Live bed bugs can sometimes be spotted as well.

Detect Bed Bugs While Traveling

Let’s say you’ve inspect your entire home from time to time, and you haven’t seen a bed bug yet. Great! But there is another aspect of bed bug infestation to consider: bugs picked up while traveling!

Bed bugs love to live in furniture, mattresses, and sometimes even clothing. They can travel with people to new destinations, and can even survive for up to five months without feeding. You could potentially pick up bed bugs in a hotel or even a friend’s guestroom, and not even know it. Here are some basic steps to prevent bed bugs from latching onto your vacation:

  • Keep suitcases off the floor and away from the walls.
  • Don’t leave clothing out on the floor or bed.
  • If you’re concerned about the room you’re staying in, go the extra mile. Keep your luggage in a plastic bag!
  • Inspect your suitcase when you get home. Make sure to check the lining, the zipper, all of the pockets, and any other tiny crevices.
  • Wash all laundry on hot, and tumble dry on a high temperature.

Professionals Can Confirm Signs of Bed Bugs

When you work with a professional bed bug exterminator, they are able to share their valuable expertise and experience, inspect your property, and make an accurate diagnosis. We don’t want anyone to worry over bed bugs, and we certainly want to lend a hand whenever we can! If you’re concerned about bed bugs, call Western Exterminator. We’ll be able to confirm any signs of bed bugs, and help you treat and protect your home!

How to Check for Signs of Bed Bugs in Las Vegas NV

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