Yellow jackets can be dangerous in the Las Vegas area. Learn how Western Exterminator can protect you!Everyone learns at a young age that yellow jackets are not to be trifled with. Unfortunately, everyone comes in contact with them at some point or another, especially during the spring and summer in the Las Vegas area. Unlike other small stinging insects, yellow jackets have the ability to sting repeatedly, making their venom especially dangerous to those allergic to the flying insect.

How to Identify Yellow Jackets

Because some types of stinging insects are more dangerous than others, it’s important to learn how yellow jackets differ from bumble bees, honey bees, hornets, paper wasps, and more. Some of the identifying characteristics of yellow jackets include:

  • They are typically between ⅜ and ⅝ of an inch, are yellow and black in color, and have a thinner waist than bees.
  • Yellow jackets prefer to nest on or near the ground and have nests made of paper carton.
  • They are known to be especially aggressive when defending their nest or population.

Why are There Yellow Jackets Near my Home?

Yellow jackets are known to be attracted to nectar or other sugary liquids, which is why they’re frequently found flying around outdoor trash cans, plants, and food. If your Las Vegas home has a lot of flowers outside or if you’re in the habit of leaving the lids of trash cans open, you’re likely no stranger to seeing yellow jackets each and every year as warm weather approaches. Other common attractants for yellow jackets include pet food, fruit trees or fallen fruit, and even other insects such as caterpillars, spiders, and flies.

Are Yellow Jackets Harmful?

It’s always best to err on the side of caution when you witness a yellow jacket in or near your home. When threatened or seeking out sources of food, they have been known to chase and hover around their victim. As mentioned previously, yellow jackets do not lose their stinger after one attack as some other stinging insects do; instead, they are capable of repeatedly stinging and their stings are known to be painful. While a couple of stings aren’t harmful to most people, anyone allergic to yellow jackets may be in extreme danger if stung and must immediately seek medical attention.

Yellow Jacket Prevention Tips

The best way to control yellow jackets during the spring and summer in Las Vegas is by preventing them from being attracted to your home in the first place. To keep yellow jackets away from your property, make sure to implement some of the following tips.

  1. Remove or maintain their sources of food, including other insects, nectar-filled flowers, fruit trees, and more.
  2. Cover trash cans with tight-fitting lids and do not leave food, drinks, or garbage out.
  3. Have any nests or suspected nests removed promptly by a professional pest control company.
  4. Keep a clean, tidy yard and remove debris that could attribute to the establishment of nests.

Professional Yellow Jacket Control

At Western Exterminator, we know how scary yellow jackets can be, especially if you or a family member are allergic to their sting. It is absolutely essential to call a professional when dealing with a yellow jacket infestation, as trying to remove a nest yourself can lead to a disastrous outcome. The experts at Western Exterminator can be trusted to promptly and reliably remove yellow jackets from your property; give us a call today to learn more!

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