Scorpions are an unfortunate reality for most Las Vegas homeowners. While the scorpion “bite” is a myth, scorpions stings are very real! Whether scorpions are crawling in your backyard, or across your bedroom wall, you need to know how to reduce the risk of stings! Here are Rentokil’s best tips for reducing stings–both inside and outside of your home.

Basic Tips to Avoid Scorpion Stings

Daily living around scorpions requires a bit of extra thought. Whether you’re folding laundry or climbing into bed after a long day, here’s some advice on avoiding those painful stings:

  • Always keep fingers and toes where you can see them.
    • Seems easy, right? It applies to every situation–reaching into a bag, putting slippers on, checking underneath a bed for a lost sock–they all require a bit of thinking before doing!
  • Shake out clothes and shoes.
    • Every time, and in every situation. By making it a habit, you can keep yourself–and your family!–away from harm.
    • Don’t leave clothes on the floor, either. It’s a perfect hiding spot for scorpions.
  • Look at your sheets and blankets before getting into bed.
    • This is one that makes our skin crawl too, but it’s absolutely necessary. Remember: scorpions want to hide, and they want to be undisturbed. If you jump into bed on top of a hiding scorpion, you will get stung.
  • Never go barefoot outside.
    • This one is easy. Put as much shoe between you and a scorpion as possible!
  • Wear gloves when doing yardwork or putting hands in dark corners.
    • This is a very easy way to prevent being stung.
    • Make sure the gloves are thick enough so the stinger can’t penetrate through the glove itself. There are various companies that make scorpion-proof gloves.

Reduce the Risk of Scorpion Stings Inside Your Home

Scorpions want three things: food, shelter, and water. It’s your job to make sure they can’t get any of that from your home!

  • Stop water leaks in walls, around faucets, and from pipes.
    • Scorpions are small, and if there’s water nearby–they will find it.
  • Block all holes and cracks.
    • This is an easy concept, but it can be difficult to know exactly where the holes are.
    • Commit to regular inspections to look at caulking and entry holes around utility pipes.
  • Seal your foundation.
    • This is a big one. If you have a major scorpion problem, or you want to avoid a major problem, get your foundation sealed by a company that specializes in these services. It can make a big difference!
  • Put away all food when not used, including pet food.
    • No, scorpions don’t typically eat pet food or table scraps. But they do eat some animals that eat food–including mice.
  • Make sure all other pests are controlled, so scorpions don’t have a food source.
    • By controlling mice and insects, you eliminate a potential food source for scorpions, thereby reducing the attraction your home holds for them.
  • Don’t let clutter accumulate.
    • Scorpions want to hide. Don’t let them!
  • No cardboard storage.
    • Don’t store items in loose cardboard boxes that scorpions can rest in.
    • Store any items in clear plastic containers with tight lids. Scorpion-proof peace of mind!
  • Always inspect items before bringing them inside–especially the underneath.
    • Scorpions love undisturbed objects, and they will hitch a ride inside.
    • Arizona bark scorpions actually enjoy being upside down. They can hide under furniture and be carried inside very easily.
  • Optional: use netting around beds.
    • This is up to your discretion. Some people feel safer with netting, and others don’t like it.

Avoid Scorpion Stings Outside of Your Home

  • Get rid of standing water.
    • Clean up any old tires, plant pots, wheelbarrows, and any other objects that could have standing water in them.
  • Remove extra bark, tree limbs, or other yard debris.
    • Some scorpions live under bark in the wild. Don’t fool them into thinking that your yard is a safe place for scorpions!
  • Never leave pet food on the back porch.
    • Again, scorpions won’t eat pet food–but they eat the small mammals that do!
  • Look for potential threats with scorpion “hunts” at night.
    • Scorpions glow under UV light (blacklights).
    • Grab a UV flashlight and shine it around your yard. Hunt those scorpions down, before they find a way into your home!
    • If you see a lot of scorpions one night, it’s time to double down on your efforts to keep them out of your house. Check your foundation, windowsills, and doors for possible entry points.

Professional Help to Get Rid of Scorpions

If you’re finding scorpions in your home on a frequent basis, you need professional help. Fighting scorpions on your own can be overwhelming and exhausting, and there are a lot of elements that go into removing scorpions completely. If you need help with your scorpion problem, give Rentokil a call today!

How to Reduce the Risk of Scorpion Stings in Las Vegas NV

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