How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies only live for about 30 days, but they multiply quickly.
Fruit flies only live for about 30 days, but they multiply quickly.

Do fruit flies tend to beat you to the fruit bowl? Once they settle in, these uninvited guests know how to overstay their welcome. Learn what you can do to prevent a fruit fly infestation.

Fruit Fly Habits and Behavior

Fruit flies get their common name from their small size and fondness of some fruits. Fruit flies are found on moist, decaying matter that has been stationary for several days, and are especially attracted to rotting fruits and vegetables.

Fruit flies don’t sneak into your home through gaps and cracks in your exterior walls and foundation the way other insects do. They can be found on fruit in the form of eggs then hatch when the conditions are right. These tiny flies only live for about 30 days, however, they multiply quickly. Consider the fact that a single female fruit fly can lay hundreds of eggs in her brief lifetime, and each time she lays another batch, they only take about 24 hours to hatch. This means one fruit fly egg that hatches can produce a swarm, seemingly out of nowhere, in just a few days.

Fruit Fly Threats

Fruit flies are found in unsanitary conditions, so they are a potential heath concern, especially when present in health facilities.

Fruit Fly Prevention and Removal

Looking to get rid of fruit flies in the home? Fruit flies are best prevented through vigilant sanitation practices. The key to effective removal of fruit flies is to find their breeding ground. This might mean doing things like cleaning the kitchen counters and cleaning and sterilizing garbage cans and dumpsters.

Remove any over-ripe fruit that is in the house, too. Fruit flies prefer to breed beneath the skin of fruit that has started to go rotten. This also means picking up any rotten fruit lying on the ground around your home.

Fruit flies love to use drains for breeding purposes, too. If your drains have not been cleaned in a while, this could be why fruit flies are finding your home or building particularly attractive. Although they are called fruit flies, they will find almost anything food-related attractive. This includes soda and sugary substances.

Keep Fruit Refrigerated Until Ready for Use

To avoid a fruit fly infestation keep kitchen counters, sinks and floors clean and wipe up any sugary substances. Wash dishes after use and avoid leaving in your sink overnight. Keep fruits and vegetables refrigerated until ready for use and throw out any rotting produce in trash bin with a tight fitting lid. Follow these steps and you should be able to enjoy the fruits of summer free of these annoying pests!